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The Lunsford Family

Welcome to our window into e-commerce. We are expanding and looking for a special person to join our leadership team-someone energetic, open-minded and who might be interested in additional income or a career change without sacrificing the fun & challenges of family life. Do you know anyone like that?

I was raised in the Florida Keys. My dad inspired my love for Nature’s treasures through his work with the National Audubon Society. My mom inspired us with her nursing and science background. She modeled entrepreneurship by growing a native plant nursery and consulting business from scratch, and she modeled community contribution. These are some of the family values that I’m committed to passing along to our family of 7.

I trained to work as a medical technologist, but when I found myself as a single mom working 2 jobs, I realized how disconnected I’d become from what was really precious to me -- my treasured roots with Nature and the joy and privilege of creating a home like I’d grown up in. Working late left me dragging during the day and I didn’t have the energy or attitude to be a joyful parent. I searched the health food store for solutions and kept running into dead ends with products that didn’t meet my standards or simply didn’t work. And then I tried this product. Within 3 weeks I was back running and playing with my daughter on the beach, and I could skip the afternoon nap. I had my life back! I liked the product so much that- no surprise- I followed one of my mom’s models by starting my own business from scratch. What a treasured jewel it’s been.

Now with 5 children, my own 'wild' treasures, ranging from toddler to teens, we enjoy very full days. My husband Chuck and I embrace an attachment style of parenting, I am a La Leche League Leader and I teach nutrition to expectant families at the local birth centers. We cook whole, live foods together and we get to grow some of the ingredients ourselves in our own garden. Being able to be at home with my family is certainly a precious blessing indeed.

Just as in Nature, our family appears a bit wild at times, but my business blends with our family life and gives us expanding financial rewards. Specifically, I market products for people like us who know that holistic living is more than just taking vitamins and who work to reduce the toxins in their personal environment. We cater especially to people who want high quality, personal service and home delivery.

Right now I specialize in personal and family health consulting for people like me who are instilling the value of live foods vs. what the media wants us to eat; are passionate about aging with grace and beauty without surgery and who want such stamina and vitality that their children and grandchildren stretch to keep up with them.

Anyway, do you know anyone who might be looking for additional income or possibly a career change? If you know someone or would like to try products yourself, contact us and we’ll fill you in.


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